Ultimaker aims to bring 3D printing to UK schools

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Hot on the heels of MakerBot’s announcement to get a 3D printer in every school in the US, Ultimaker GB has launched the CREATE initiative in a bid to do similar in the UK.

Ultimaker’s open source technology enables a collaborative approach between users and offers every student the opportunity to engage in the learning and development process of 3D printing.

The organisation will provide a free no obligation loan of an original Ultimaker to schools and are seeking 50 schools across the country to be appointed as 3D Hubs to help make 3D printing accessible to everyone.

Ultimaker has already been working with schools in the UK and has received worthwhile feedback from teachers and pupils who have been surprised about how easy the 3D printers are to use and the opportunities they present.

Marie McDonagh, curriculum leader at Cleethorpes Academy in Lincolnshire, said: “We ordered five Ultimaker 2 printers after an impressive workshop run by the Ultimaker team where students were able to produce their own 3D designs in under two hours.  We have incorporated 3D printing in to both Key Stage 3 and 4 curriculums to give students experience of this exciting new technology.”


For information and to sign up to the CREATE Ultimaker Education Project, visit this link.

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