UberCloud ships app containers for ANSYS and CD-adapco

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UberCloud has launched new application containers for CAD simulation tools such as ANSYS Mechanical and LS-DYNA and LS-PrePost, for CD-adapco STAR-CCM+.

The ‘containers’ are portable between in-house and cloud environments, giving users on-demand access to applications and data in the cloud, with a look and feel identical to your workstation.

The technology is portable from server to server, cloud to cloud, no longer limiting the variety available to users since IT departments no longer has to install, tune and maintain the underlying software.

“These packages are designed to deliver the tools that an engineer needs to complete his task in hand,” explains president of UberCloud Wolfgang Gentzsch. “The ISV or Open Source tools are pre-installed, configured, and tested, and can be run on bare metal, without loss of performance that hypervisors create.”

This technology also provides hardware abstraction, where the container is not tightly coupled with the server (the container and the software inside isn’t installed on the server in the traditional sense).

Having taken 18 months to reach this point, UberCloud promises more tools in the coming year.


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