Triumph Motorbikes selects Windchill

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Triumph Motorcycles has selected PTC’s Windchill for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). The use of Windchill will enable Triumph to better support business growth and product development needs. Chances are you don’t need me to tell you who Triumph are so we’ll dispense with that. But the press release does include some interesting details. Triumph has been a long time user of both Creo Parametric (Pro/Engineer) for product design (Pro/E is pretty widespread in the motorcycle industry and always has been – other British motorcycle legends Norton also use it) and Pro/Intralink for data management.

Geoff Hurst, chief information officer (CIO) at Triumph said in the release, “Triumph motorcycles have always had a special character,” said . “We pride ourselves on our distinctive design, performance pedigree, outstanding engineering and unique engine sound. With that reputation and our annual production level of 50,000 motorcycles (which includes the design of 4 new models each year and numerous updates), we felt it was key to move our product development to another level and implement a fully integrated PLM system. We had used Pro/INTRALINK to its maximum capacity and, after a business evaluation, decided to deploy Windchill as a single, comprehensive PLM system to support the entire design from early-stage product development to manufacturing,” continued Hurst. “We believe we will see a significant improvement in the design, production and manufacturing development times.

And if you’re not familiar with Triumph, then this wee video gives you an idea of how they’re perceived globally..


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