Teach Yourself: Wheel and Tyre rendering in Keyshot

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Automotive renders provide not only some of the most realistic renders produced, but also some of the most popular, often with the four discs that touch the ground being overlooked for shiny bodywork.

Where a great portrait painter is judged on his ability to paint human hands in a lifelike manner, the rubbery bits at the bottom can make the difference between a great render and something that belongs in a Dire Straits video.

Here, our guide Nils Piirma takes us through how to apply decals onto the face of the tyre, add realistic grit to the treads, some pointers on making the wheel rim look right, before adding in the brake discs and callipers.

Additionally, there’s no proven need for a raucous ACDC soundtrack in the background, but feel free to apply this method to your workflow and let us know how you get on.

For more on the latest release, Keyshot 5, read our full review of the software here.


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