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Gen3D release Sulis V1.9 with 3MF abilities

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Gen3D has released a new version of its advanced additive manufacturing design software, Sulis, adding new features and improvements to both the Flow and Lattice modules.

Gen3D Sulis now supports the import and export of the 3MF file format, including the beam extension, greatly reducing the file size of lattice models created in V1.9.

The beam extension to 3MF is a useful compromise for retaining high tolerance strut definitions when slicing models and file size, until build preparation software can handle implicit models.

Gen3D Sulis v1.9 screenshot
Version 1.9 of Gen3D Sulis has added several new features for lattice creation

Gen3D have also made significant upgrades to the Lattice module, with users now able to create stochastic strut lattices which significantly extends the module’s capabilities.

The Sulis Lattice module is capable of producing printable lattices in minutes, with Gen3D offering a cost-effective payment model with the Lattice module able to be purchased as a standalone product and paid for on a monthly basis.

In addition, Gen3D explains that the density and connectivity of the struts can all be fine-tuned along with gradient thicknesses to help blend the lattice volume into the solid part.

“Our new stochastic lattice feature has been a much requested update to our Lattice module. It’s a must have feature for anyone looking to design medical implants which contain trabecular structures for improved osseointegration,” said Gen3D CTO Wesley Essink.


In version 1.9, the Sulis Flow module has also been improved to allow users to rapidly define and edit stock material for all flowpaths. This allows for the design of both the as-printed and as-machined geometry.

There are huge benefits associated with this new functionality because pre- and post-print 3D models can then be used to accelerate the preparation of any post-processing machining required.

“Sulis Flow is an easy and quick way to create and edit complex fluid systems. With in-built manufacturability analysis and compensation tools, users designing in Sulis Flow can shorten the overall design cycle and print with confidence,” concludes Essink.

Sulis Flow can also be purchased as a separate module, or users can purchase both Flow and Lattice modules together with a significant discount.

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