Sayl away with me honey…

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Herman Miller gets responsible with the help of Fuseproject

Last week DEVELOP3D were lucky enough to visit furniture giant Herman Miller’s London offices to have a one-to-one perch/slouch/bum-shuffle on it’s fancy new office chair, the Sayl.

Needless to say we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the suspension-bridge-backed chair in the new year, but what makes it more impressive is not only the collaboration with its design by Fuseproject, the team behind the One Laptop-per-Child, but also the extents they’ve gone to to make a sustainable, stripped down, barebones product with all the technical prowess and design quality of a typical high-end Herman Miller chair.

And it’s comfy.

Again, this is a product that asks questions about what consumers actually need from a product and good design being about less being more that Tanya asked questions about last month, but even down to it’s manufacture (the full product is going to be built at three different sites – Europe, Asia and North America – to cut emissions from transporting parts around the world) it seems to be locked on to future sustainable design practices.


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