Prodways downsize with new DLP desktop 3D Printer

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Prodways has announced its new compact ProMaker LD-3 desktop 3D printer with the goal of implementing its 3D printing technology into production processes for dental and jewellery industries.

With a build area of 64 x 120 x 130mm, the printer is offered in industry specific packages for dental and jewellery, and works with three existing Prodways resins – PLASTCure Model 320, PLASTCure Clear 200 and PLASTCure Cast 300 HD.

Inline with Prodways’ ‘Moving Light’ technology production 3D printers, ProMaker LD3 features a moving DLP projector with a native pixel resolution of 50µm, and a layer thickness range that goes from 25 to 100µm, giving high resolution parts.
Prodways says that two key drivers that have guided the design of the ProMaker LD3 are ‘reliability and repeatability’, suggesting that its technology experiences minimal wear-and-tear, and that this translates in “stable processes, high quality and consinstent results over time”.

The dental package will launch in Q3 2018, and includes Prodways Materials high-performance resins, which meet dental industry standards for dental models, repair work, castings and implant guides.

Another package dedicated to jewellery will follow before the end of the year and will be extended to the education and prototyping industries in 2019.


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