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To mark its 120th anniversary, Goodyear has collaborated with artist Edward Carvalho-Monaghan, renowned for his bright, block colour illustrations, to bring together a vision of what the world could look like in just over a century’s time.

Embarking on its very own voyage of discovery, Goodyear asked what the public think our world will look like in 120 years – including both children and adults – before enlisting artist Edward Monaghan to draw up a representation of the two viewpoints in his signature bold, psychedelic style.

Based on the findings Monaghan created a triptych that provided him with the space to showcase the disparity and similarity between the two viewpoints separately:
– The left side represents the predictions of the children – Key components include inter-plant travel, the skies used as main leisure area and candy beam energy sources.

– The right side has been formed using the adult’s visions. Key components include combination of technology and nature together in symbiosis, alternative levels for transport based on velocity, large driverless freight carriers and increased use of bicycles as main method of transport.


– The central illustration morphs the key components from both children’s and adults prophesies and combines it with Goodyear’s existing concepts. Key components include garden city, multi layered travel, use of Oxygene and Eagle 360 Urban concept tyres and extension of space exploration.

Goodyear marketing director Andy Marfleet, said: “At Goodyear, we’re always looking for ways to innovate new products that will spark the imaginations of our customers and get them excited about the possibilities of the future. Goodyear’s own timeline to date is littered with milestone moments in transport history, from lunar landings to sci-fi, Delorean style.

“Viewing 120 years from now through the eyes of others has really shown us that our own concept technology is relatable. As we move into a world of car sharing, intelligent tyres and AI transport we look forward to remaining at the forefront of automotive innovation.

“From personal transport to how we receive deliveries, Goodyear is always looking for the next big innovation that will help our customers and the world around them, and we can’t wait to see what the next 120 years will bring.”

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