Nvidia targets automotive with 24GB Quadro M6000 GPU

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Nvidia has doubled the amount of on board memory available on its high-end Quadro M6000 GPU from 12GB to 24GB.

This should be of particular interest to automotive designers pushing the limits of design visualization with powerwalls, Virtual Reality and Iray physically based rendering.
According to Nvidia, the massive size and sheer complexity of digital models for a car can slow down design workflows, making it difficult to interactively visualize huge digital models in high fidelity without scaling them back. The models are just too big to fit in the average GPU’s memory, and the computational demands are too high to enable smooth interactivity.

Nvidia says the new Quadro M6000 24GB will let designers work with their largest, most complex datasets, speeding workflows and allowing for interactive collaborative reviews.

This is particularly relevant to firms using global illumination for their production environments.

Global illumination models how light bounces between surfaces. With this understanding of indirect lighting and shadows, Nvidia says engineers like those at Nissan Motor Company can spot potential design flaws — such as errant light reflections from mirrors or glare from side window glass — much earlier and then easily address them.

“Global illumination is the pinnacle of design,” Dennis Malone, Virtual Prototype Engineer at Nissan. “With enough graphics memory, we can make better decisions faster, streamlining everything we do and making our design process more cost-effective.”


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