Live from AU2008: Day 2: WOW

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Yesterday I showed you some pics from the keynote sessions at Autodesk University. Today I’ve got some really grainy, shakey* videos of the new technology that the company showed off during the Manufacturing specific Keynote this very morning.

#1: This stuff looks absolutely incredible. Honestly. I sat there, open mouthed, in shear, awe of what this product looks to be shaping up into. It hasn’t got a name, there’s no confirmed release date. But this HAS to come to market. Things to look out for are the slick sketching interface for concept work, the way curves are accurate, how you can set up mirror planes, deform portions of sketches. The refinement interface method for curve sketching is amazing as is how it interprets view, your input and creates 3D networks. And the last point. It’s running on a Mac. Natively. I think Autodesk just made the best decision they’ve made in many many years.

#2: Next up is the ‘possible’ future Inventor user interface. Things to look out for are the new UI, the direct editing of geometry, the marking/radial menus. Things are shaping up nicely from first looks. There’s going to be a tech preview available soon – more details @

#3: Finally, some forthcoming technology for creating Technical Illustrations and Publications directly within Inventor. Natively in the interface, no external applications, set-up explodes, all that good stuff and create the view/presentation style you want. Then publish it, either statically as images or digitally and interactively.


*come on, I’ve been in Las Vegas since Sunday peeps

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