Interactive CL3VER animations, straight from CAD data, future of marketing for robotics company

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The interactive 3D model allows users to get a ‘trade show experience’ through any internet browser

A robotics manufacturer has substituted its PDF brochures for 3D presentations direct from CAD data to boost its sales, according to CL3VER, the company that provides the platform for the interactive presentation.

To create the animation, the original CAD designs of Yaskawa Motoman’s robots in SolidWorks were exported natively into Autodesk 3ds Max and converted into polygons.

In 3ds Max big geometry parts were instanced and exported into CL3VER using a 3ds Max plug-in, reducing the final scene to a more manageable 40Mb, and allowing easy manoeuvrability online.

The scenes originate from the design team’s SolidWorks CAD data


Marketers at Yaskawa Motoman believed in online marketing but found it challenging to communicate their complex product solutions via traditional web assets. By using the CL3VER platform, the team reports that it trebled sales interest – bringing what it calls the ‘trade show experience’ to its website.

Motoman digital marketing specialist Steve Rueckhaus was searching for a practical way to take the 3D models of their robots and deliver them graphically to users via the web, on any device, and without requiring the user to install any plug-in.

“This is how we found CL3VER,” Steve said.“We have all this 3D files floating around that we can potentially use for a web experience but they are all in different formats and everytime you convert them from one format to another there is always some loss.

“To enhance the user experience we have included other multimedia materials such as interactive text descriptions, images, graphics and embedded video that made the presentation even more engaging”.

To view the Yaskawa Motoman interactive animation, click here

The full interactive scene can be found here

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