Factory simulation tool focuses on energy cost reduction

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From this lathe workshop to material inspection and fish filleting, Eco3D has a broad range of applications.

CyberPharm is targeting factories and production lines with its Eco3D Professional software that uses 3D simulation to help cut energy costs and carbon emissions.

The program is used to create a 3D simulation model of the business or organisation as it operates. That business could be in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, automation and robotics, healthcare and public services.

The baseline simulation model reflects how the processes work currently. CyberPharm provides advice, training and an extensive ‘component’ library, which details more than 60,000 energy-consuming products. Analysis then reveals any problems with rates of carbon emissions, energy wastage and logistical inefficiencies.

Businesses can then use the software to experiment with new processes, designs, input or components. This enables cost, productivity, energy and carbon benefits to be accurately calculated before any actual change or investment is made.

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