ExpressMarine for Rhino mixes parametric and non-parametric elements for ship structural design

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A new version of ExpressMarine, a parametric ship structural design plug-in for Rhino 3D CAD, is now available for download.

It’s an interesting product, offering structural definition methods: a combination of mathematical and graphical parameters set the base for the 3D model to form the ship’s ‘DNA’ from which the entire structure is developed.

Changes made at this level propagate down the hierarchy and allow interdependent elements to morph accordingly.
Looking to prioritise efficiency, ExpressMarine allows the use of parametric and non-parametric elements in the same model, minimising what the developers describe as the ‘disadvantages of the fully parametric approach, where modelling time is wasted on thorough definitions of certain parameters which may never be used later’.

With a Pro version aimed at professional ship design companies, with full functionality and no model size limit, small teams and freelancers are served by the Small Craft version – limiting models to 24 metres in any direction, three decks and customer support only available by email.

Time consuming, repetitive tasks are automated through mathematical algorithms to increase the efficiency, adding to the elimination of manual translation of 2D drawings into a 3D model.

Taking advantage of Rhino’s export options, the 3D model can be exported to other tool for further use, while data such as weights, center of gravity, mass moments, material bill, painting area, and seams length can be exported in table format.


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