Creaform launch latest Go!Scan 3D scanners and post treatment software

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The new Creaform portable 3D scanners lineup includes the fine detail Go!Scan 20

With the small form 3D scanning market quickly expanding, Creaform has announced the launch of two new versions of its portable white light, colour capturing Go!SCAN 3D scanners.

The Go!SCAN 50 is designed to measure the shape of medium to larger parts with a resolution of 0.5mm and a 380 x 380mm scan area.

Meanwhile, the slightly lighter Go!SCAN 20 delivers resolution of 0.2mm and is dedicated for use with smaller objects with intricate details.

Keen to expand its software offerings, Creaform has launched VXmodel, a 3D scan data post-treatment software module that enables users to finalise 3D scan data to use directly in any CAD or 3D printing software.

Fully integrated with VXelements, Creaform’s 3D software platform, it eliminates the need for design professionals to open, learn and use third-party software for most basic applications, with VXmodel acting as an integrated bridge.


VXmodel’s highly flexible and user-friendly interface lets users quickly segment a mesh into all the primitive entities, cross-sections and surfaces, while being able to improve 3D scan meshes and make them watertight and quickly generating print-ready files.

To coincide with these launches Creaform’s HandySCAN models have also been reengineered to optimise speed, accuracy and portability.

Part of the huge Ametek group, Creaform look like they are positioning themselves to fend off some of the newcomers to the expanding entry point 3D scanner market, with competition from companies such as Fuel3D’s and 3D Systems taking a share of the market.

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