Citrix sets sights on 115 million users of CAD and CAD data

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Citrix XenDesktop with HDX 3D Pro is one of the key technologies used with Dell’s Precision R7610 rack workstation.

Citrix reckons there are 15 million CAD users and another 100 million users that require access to design data, representing a significant new target user base for its desktop and app virtualisation solutions.

The company’s recently released XenDesktop with HDX 3D Pro technology can be used to deliver high-end CAD apps to globally dispersed designers, engineers and workers. These users don’t need a powerful workstation under their desk, just a device capable of running a Citrix client.

According to Citrix, it is already seeing rapid customer adoption led by organisations across North America, Europe and Japan in heavy manufacturing, global engineering and energy sectors.

350 engineers at Swedish engineering consulting firm Knightec are now able to work and collaborate from anywhere using Citrix technologies. Prior to deploying XenDesktop, design data residing on local workstations was shared between engineers via email and USB thumb drives. According to Citrix, traditional remote access tools performed poorly with design apps so simple design edits had to be made in the office.

“We needed to provide our engineers with access to powerful workstations with CAD abilities from anywhere in the world, without having to install and support CAD applications over our network,” said Jörgen Norman, head of IT at Knightec. “XenDesktop with HDX 3D Pro was selected because of its better performance with our design and simulation applications and shared GPU roadmap with Nvidia.

“Now engineers in any location can use their virtual desktops to access CAD applications and collaborate around project files. This also allows greater efficiency and flexibility for the firm because we can easily assign people to additional projects, working with different colleagues in many other locations.”


Germany’s Wiha Premium Tools has more than 850 employees that produce over 4,000 styles of precision tools. The company has manufacturing facilities in Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Vietnam. In order to collaborate and design across these multiple locations, Wiha now uses XenDesktop with HDX 3D Pro technology to support remote locations securely, while enabling mobile workstyles for CAD developers. Prior to using XenDesktop with HDX 3D Pro, CAD users were provided with high-performance workstations running Siemens Solid Edge and other developer tools.

“Citrix technology opens many new options for us,” explained Siegried Disch, Wiha IT Manager. “For example, we can recruit CAD construction specialists who live in a different city or who want to work from their home office. Freelancers and development sites abroad can also be connected simply and securely. Wherever our users work, our invaluable know-how always remains secure within our datacenter.”

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