Big Rep partners with Kühling&Kühling for new pro FDM machine

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The VP75 will be a dual-branded FDM machine capable of outputting ‘engineering grade’ materials

Big Rep and Kühling&Kühling have partnered on a new ‘delta-style’ FDM 3D printer that aims to enter the precision professional market at around €44,000 with the latter’s VP75 machine.

Also branded as the BigRep Tech, the two upcoming German 3D printing firms have focussed on building in a surprising amount of features and solidity into the VP75 that given its 400 x 600mm – or 75 litre – build volume, makes its price very interesting.

The fully enclosed heated build chamber automatically calibrates the build platform – which also uses vacuum build surface fixation technology – while the high temperature print head 0.5mm nozzle is capable of outputting engineering grade materials like high-impact polycarbonate.
The installed 0.5mm nozzle can be swapped out for a 0.75mm nozzle, while the partnership opens the machine up to BigRep’s Pro HT material, with claimed temperature resistance to 115°C.

A large integrated 10″ graphical touchscreen with an uncluttered user interface adds to the fact that the VP75 has been thoroughly well thought through, and solidly put together.


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