Siemens launch Solid Edge for Startups program

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Interesting bit of news out of Solid Edge University this week in Indianapolis; Siemens PLM has launched the Solid Edge for Startups program aimed at giving a helping hand to those starting up their own design and engineering projects and companies.

If you qualify (if your company is less than three years old, a legal entity, with less than $10 million in annual revenue and below $1 million in funding), you’ll get your hands on a licence of Solid Edge Premium (that gets you all of the integrated tools – design, simulation, cable and harnessing and a lot more – details here) for each of your engineers, access to training resources, guidance from a community of product experts and there’s also some potential for co-marketing opportunities.
This type of program has become popular with many vendors in the last couple of years.

Autodesk give away their software to start ups (focussing on Fusion 360) for free, SolidWorks has a similar program.

Unlike like Dassault though, the Solid Edge team joins Autodesk in not charging for the application process – after all, if you’re in the startup phase, every dollar or pound counts and making these future customers jump through hoops doesn’t make any sense.

The program is rolling out in the US and the UK now.


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