Autodesk to maintain MoldFlow partnerships

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Courtesy of RalphG at WorldAccessCAD, Autodesk’s Buzz Kross has confirmed at the company is planning no change with regards MoldFlow’s partnerships with other vendors.

I heard you were wondering if we intended to continue the link to competitive tools. Absolutely. We plan no changes. Moldflow is a key aspect of our CIM strategy. We intend to keep the solution open and will continue to work with everyone. Earlier today, I sent a e-mail to virtually all my competitors telling them that this is our plan.

Good news for everyone that’s currently using MoldFLow for their simulation processes as this technology is pretty hard to come by. The only other solution that we’re currently aware of that gets anywhere near to MoldFlow is Vero Software‘s VISI Flow application described in its own words as “a unique prediction tool, ideal for pre and post production analysis and concurrent engineering of injection moulded plastic components.”

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