Artem bring Titanfall pilots to life in just 9 days

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Artem is no stranger to very tight deadlines.

Our February cover story revealed how this London-based physical special effects (SFX) company can turn around projects, like the Halo 4 suit that graced the front cover, using a range of tools and processes in an extremely tight timeframe.

In its most recent project Artem SFX was approached by Xbox and Sculptivate to create two replica ‘Titanfall‘ costumes for the EMEA launch held in London.

These suits would be worn by freerunners who would be mimicking the rather athletic actions of the Xbox One game characters.
The challenge was for the suits to be realistic, lightweight and safe, a tall order helped by the fact that many of the team are fans of the Titanfall video game.

The armour and helmets were drawn up in SolidWorks. Then, depending on the parts required, the files were either machined on its CNC router, printed on its Dimension 3D printer or carved out in foam using the 7-axis Kuka robotic arm.

Whilst much of the suit’s body parts were made of foam, the helmets were cast in fibreglass and LEDs were placed inside to bring the characters to life. The chest plates were also created out of fibreglass and were fitted with glowing cylinders to mimic the video game graphics.


Despite the hectic timeframe, the suits made it to the launch in time and were well received. “These are insane! Amazing work,” gushed Graeme Boyd, social marketing manager, Xbox EMEA.

To find out more about this and other projects that Artem SFX get involved in, come along to Develop 3D Live where Mike Kelt, Artem CEO and SFX supervisor, will be giving a talk. It’s just four weeks away and registration is free!