Altair adds geometry healing with Elysium’s CADoctor

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CADdoctor understands multiple CAD formats and can simplify geometry, to midpoints for example, for more efficient CAE analysis

The Altair Partner Alliance has grown once more, with Elysium’s 3D geometry healing and translation software CADdoctor joining the ranks.

CADdoctor understands multiple CAD formats and Product Data Quality (PDQ) criteria to translate and repair data as well as simplify geometry to reduce file size for efficient CAE analysis.

CADdoctor is equipped with a standalone user interface, which applies the built-in geometry healing module that can automatically detect and repair errors, generate mid-surfaces from detailed solid models, repair and optimise polygon data.

CADoctor’s geometry modification and cleanup capabilities should complement products like HyperMesh and Inspire


It can also equalise the polygon elements without sacrificing the geometry outline and compare CAD files before and after engineering changes, translations, etc. with a visual color map accompanied by the necessary numerical values.

Altair explains that the Data Exchange Kernel within CADoctor can understand the characteristics, representations and tolerances of various CAD systems to guarantee an accurate translation to support the data preprocess for CAE analysis.

“CADdoctor is a great addition to the Altair offering,” said James Dagg, CTO of modelling and visualisation at Altair.

“Its impressive geometry modification and cleanup capabilities complement Altair products like HyperMesh and Inspire, and we are very excited for our customers to benefit from these tools.”

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