2020 colour trends shifting towards green and cool

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The 14th edition of ColorForward annual colour forecasting guide for the plastics industry has noted that its trend watchers have seen a shift to cooler blues and greens in the palette they developed for 2020.

Of the 20 colours in the latest edition of ColorForward, five of them are different shades of green; some are genuine and natural looking, while others seem more artificial or ‘digital’.

There are a range of reds, yellows and even a couple of oranges, all which tend to be bright and, in many cases translucent or tuned up with special effect pigments.
The forecasting decisions were unveiled following the ColorForward workshop was held this year at the Clariant ColorWorks centre in Singapore, with an international team of Clariant specialists coming together to define global trend themes.

Other forecast trends were seen to be arising from developments in gene modification, increasing surveillance and loss of privacy, and the potential for ultra-high-speed travel.

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