Stratasys enables pro colour 3D printing everywhere via Shapeways

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Stratasys’ multi-material J750 colour 3D Printers have been given a license to flourish in the wider world thanks to a new partnership with online 3D printing provider Shapeways.

The abilities of the Stratasys full colour offering have never been in doubt, but with colour parts still not as prevalent as their single-hued counterparts, or the machines as affordable, the new move suddenly opens up the technology to a wider range of prototypes and parts.

“The vivid colours of the Stratasys J750 3D Printer will enable the Shapeways community of designers, businesses, students, and artists to realise their brightest ideas and boldest ambitions in true physical form with full-colour, texture mapping and colour gradients,” said Shapeways CEO Greg Kress.
The J750 3D Printer offers more than 500,000 colour combinations, accurate colour-matching, transparent to opaque colour gradients, and advanced clear material with texture bringing to life even the finest, most delicate details.

Biologic Models is one of the first Shapeways customers to have unprecedented access to the Stratasys J750 printer. The company visualises protein data and 3D prints it as highly detailed models that are millions of times larger than the protein’s actual size.

These multi-coloured models help explain the nature of health and disease taking place on the molecular landscape and are a useful visual aid for educators explaining the properties of a specific protein.

“J750 is the best of both manufacturing worlds, full-colour 3D printing combined with high-quality transparent plastics. This is exactly what my customers want,” says Casey Steffen, founder and director of operations at Biologic Models.


“Transparency and colour coding are necessary features to create the highest quality and most durable models. The J750 tackles these design and manufacturing challenges head on.”

Beta customers will be able to access the service before the end of the year, with a full launch expected in 2019.

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