New materials and accessories update Kodak 3D Printer

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Kodak 3D Printing will be expanding its range of materials to include Acrylic and a Nylon 6/66/12 ‘blend’, as well as launching a new accessory line to enable users of the Kodak Portrait 3D printer to expand on the materials they can print with.

The products are created and managed by Smart International, the ‘authorized global brand licensee of 3D printing for Kodak’, based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, under the watchful eye of Kodak and its goal to crack the professional desktop market.

Acrylic, a new filament designed by Kodak 3D Printing, combines ‘polycarbonate properties’ that make for high rigidity, low friction and translucent parts, making it suited to optical applications and parts requiring transparency.
Additionally, Kodak has launched a nylon materials that it claims exhibits properties of the three standard materials – as strong as traditional Nylon, but with greater flexibility and lower warping.

The Kodak Portrait 3D Printer has been designed specifically to print high-temperature engineering materials, with a fully enclosed chamber and all-steel structure, setting it up for more successful prints.

The first of its new accessories available are two mirrored E3D hotends, one all-metal and one PTFE, which will enable users to replace one of the existing hotends so they can use two all-metal or two PTFE on the same machine.

This, Kodak suggests, will open up the possibilities for dual material prints using two high-temperature or two low-temperature materials, and also for two colour combinations.


“We are laser focused on our users: Every new material and accessory we develop is application driven, aimed at solving engineering problems with parts capable of withstanding a wider and wider range of resistances and industry needs,” said Smart International CEO Roberto Gawianski.

“The market demand for 3D Printing is ever-evolving, and Kodak 3D Printing aims to be a forerunner in bringing new innovations to life.”