HP Workstation Event: HP to offer twelve core workstations this year

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HP’s AMD-based workstation, the xw9400, is to support six cores per CPU

#5: With all the hype surrounding HP’s new Xeon 5500-based Z Series workstations, I asked HP what this meant for its AMD-based workstations, specifically the xw9400. The response was that the xw9400 will still be able to differentiate itself from HP’s Intel-based machines as it will be able to support six cores per CPU later this this year.

This could be very interesting for those pushing the boundaries of CAE on the desktop, because despite the new Intel platform featuring a total of 16 cores by counting the 8 created with HyperThreading, most CAE applications can’t take advantge of this virtual core technology. As a result, the xw9400’s 12 cores will still be the maximum available from a mainstream workstation manufacturer.

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