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Oculus Rift

While they’re still at the development stage, the Oculus VR headsets are available and a development kit can be picked up pretty reasonably at around 300 quid. Let’s see what happens post Facebook.

Microsoft HoloLens

Just announced, but the HoloLens is already creating a buzz. The idea that you could have OS level integration of augmented reality along with 3D display is getting a lot of folks fired up.

Google Cardboard

Say whatever you like about the company, Google does things interestingly. The Cardboard project is an ultra lost cost way to strap a smart phone to your head and get immersive.

FreeFly VR

There’s a range of devices that turn your smartphone into a VR viewer (such as the Google Cardboard to the left). The FreeFly VR device does the same — without the cardboard


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Four devices that could change visualisation

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