Discovery Live gets full commercial release from Ansys

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After a five-month long technology preview, Ansys has finally launched its ‘Pervasive Engineering Simulation’ tool Discovery Live to anyone who wishes to use it

Its capabilities for realtime solving of physics problems during the design stages made it the most successful customer preview in Ansys’ history, with the product launch expanding the types of inputs and displays users have at their disposal; increasing fluids, structural and thermal capabilities.

Discovery Live is powered by Nvidia graphics processing units and CUDA parallel computing that provide supercomputing capabilities to deliver results thousands of times faster than more traditional methods within a real-time design environment.
“From students to startups to Formula One racing teams, thousands of users downloaded Discovery Live during the technology preview,” said Ansys VP and GM Mark Hindsbo.

“It has been very rewarding to see users tackling the design of almost every type and complexity of product and validating the need for rapid simulation in the early concept development phase.

“The introduction of the Discovery product family is a milestone in our commitment to Pervasive Engineering Simulation and enabling every engineer to benefit from incorporating high fidelity insight into their design.”

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