Paperlike 2 review

PaperLike 2 Review

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PaperLike launches it’s new range of screen protectors that add more resistance between the pencil and the screen

While many fanboys love the Apple Pencil, chances are that for sketching you’d probably like better ‘feel’ than the rubber tip skidding around the glass surface.

To tackle this, Paperlike has launched its new range of screen protectors that add more resistance between the Pencil and the screen.

While it won’t beat the feeling of using a top end Wacom display, in its favour is the iPad’s versatility to do more than simply act as a sketchpad, plus its choice of sketching and design apps.

The secret to the Paperlike’s feel is in its ‘Nanodot’ surface technology: microbeads distributed across the screen protector’s foil that make it feel like you’re writing on a rougher surface.

Despite the covering, the display light shines around and through the Nanodots, minimising refractions and giving a slightly matte finish that we found helps reduce light glare on the screen, especially when outdoors.

Our main concern was whether it would dull the screen, and although it does, it is only fractional.


The biggest challenge is applying the thin sheet to the iPad screen to begin, but thankfully its creators have thought that through – with each order packaging in two screen protectors (should the first attempt go wrong), as well as all the necessary cleaning wipes and a how to guide.

We had ours fitted perfectly (after a tussle with some stubborn edge air bubbles) in a manner of minutes after watching the tutorial video.

Although it’s not identical to using a sketchpad, the sensation is better than a naked iPad – just having some resistance there is a bonus, especially for shorter lines, or even scribbling down notes.

For a smidge over £30, it’s a great little addition to a piece of kit you might already own, and if that’s not enough, it’s tough enough to work diligently as a screen protector.

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