Metropolitan Works Juggles Tings Proper for Roots Manuva

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‘Album cover for ‘Slime & Reason’ by Roots Manuva. Designed by Oscar & Ewan’.

Here’s an intriguing use of prototyping and laser scanning technology. Those UK hip hop afficionados out there will no doubt have got hold of Roots Manuva’s Slime and Reason late last year – I know I did. When I looked at the cover, I wondered how that freaky image has been made and the liner notes give it away with extra images from a white light laser scanner running across the Artist formerly known as Rodney Smith’s face and a small note thanking Metropolitan Works for its help on its creation.

I just got a press release through from Z Corp that sheds a little more light on how that image was created. Designed by graphic design duo Oscar & Ewan, the cover features a head and shoulders image showing the top of his head missing and the contents filled with green slime – as you can see above. Apparently Roots came into Metro Work’s facility, had his head scanned and the scan was printed using Z-Corp’s Spectrum Z510 to create a master that was cast by a sculptor to create a ceramic vessel filled with slime. Wicked. We’ll be exploring use of technology those within product development take for granted in areas that aren’t particularly well versed in the matter over the coming weeks and months. And of course, I can’t let this oppurtunity pass without posting these, some of the best lyrics ever:

We lean all day and some say that ain’t productive

That depend upon the demons that you’re stuck with

Cause right now, I see clearer than most

I sit here contending with this cheese on toast


And the accompanying video:

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