Kohler’s new Additively Manufactured bathroom product

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3D Systems has teamed up with Kohler’s Kallista bathroom hardware group to develop a new product that it claims couldn’t have been easily manufactured any other way.

Kallista faucet 3D printed
Kallista’s Grid, straight off the DMP powder bed, showing support structures that need to be removed.

The minimalist Grid products are built by 3rd Dimension, using its 3D Systems ProX DMP 320 direct metal production system in a high-quality stainless steel 316 powder material named 3D Systems LaserForm 316L.

“Designers usually need to consider a manufacturing process and they have to design around that process,” said Kallista design studio manager Bill McKeone.
“By choosing to produce this faucet via 3D printing, we opened ourselves to limitless design possibilities.

“3D Systems’ breadth of materials and technologies allowed us the freedom to create a unique, functional faucet which would not have been possible with a traditional manufacturing process.”

As you can see, the tap (faucet for our friends over the pond) features a pretty barebones set of geometry to route water through, hence the need for a new approach to how these things are typically manufactured (they’re usually cast).

Once the parts are built, they’re removed from the build platform, powder coated, machined and ready to go.

If you’re into a mix of designers talking form and function and some nuts and bolts of how these types of parts are manufactured, then the associated promo video will be right up your straße.


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