The year ahead: #5 Sarah Krasley

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We asked 13 movers, shakers and thinkers from different industry sectors what they reckon the big trends, developments and challenges will be in their sector in the coming year. This is what they had to say:

Sarah Krasley – Manufacturing Program Manager, Sustainability Solutions at Autodesk

Sarah Krasley

I received many more questions this year from customers about the credibility of data.

More and more people are looking at data with admirable scrutiny, and the cloud plays the important role of delivering it fresh and flexibly, versus in a static file on someone’s desktop. Questions like, ‘Why we are we displaying it as a figure instead of a range?’, ‘How do we get the data?’ and ‘What kinds of export options are available?’ came up a lot in 2012.

As manufacturers race to reconcile material data sheets and chemical declarations, and architects and construction personnel look to whole building analysis including embedded environmental impacts, the cloud is a must — not only for vim and vigour, but for collaboration between parties inside and outside company walls.


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