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These are exciting times for everyone in product design, engineering and fabrication – never has there been so much development in software, hardware and help for start-ups to bring product ideas rapidly to market.

NWe have gone from pens and drawing boards to widespread access to 3D modelling and fabrication in metal on the desktop in 30 years.

DEVELOP3D LIVE is an event which celebrates all of this. Design, engineering, innovation and design tools, evaluating how processes are evolving and looking beyond to what’s coming.

3D printing is really starting to make a difference and our design tools are having to adapt to the new possibilities of additive manufacturing. Our 3D modelling tools are in a generational revision, incorporating the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence to aid the design process.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have finally become affordable realities and in the next few years will deliver new ways to interact with prototypes, users and factory layouts.

We really are going to see Tony Stark-like design tools commonly used before this decade is out.

Cutting edge tech

Every year the DEVELOP3D editorial team travels the world, in order to bring you news of what’s cutting edge in product design technology, together with stories of how designers and manufacturers are reaping the benefits of improving their processes. With that in mind, we select the best of what we’ve uncovered – the best speakers and the coolest tech – to take the stage at DEVELOP3D LIVE.


Our second US event will be held on 23 – 24 October, at the George Sherman Union Building, Boston University. We will have over double the number of exhibitors and delegates, together with running multiple conference tracks over two days.

And, as with the university tours off ered at DEVELOP3D LIVE in the UK, there will similarly be escorted visits to the nearby EPIC building. The expert facility contains a host of digital fabrication technologies and is a local source of product innovation, design, prototyping, manufacturing and life-cycle management expertise.

Hands on

There will be plenty of opportunities to get hands on with the latest digital fabrication tools as well as meet star designers, business angels, investors, technology wizards and meet the DEVELOP3D editorial team.

We also have leading industry CEOs, CTOs and developers on hand in Boston to present, help answer any technical issues, or even to give you some tips on your design to fabrication process.

Highlights include keynotes from some of the most revered design and engineering leaders alongside hotly anticipated, up-and-coming talent from the world of product development.

One of our keynote customer speakers this year comes from California-based custom car developer, HackRod. This company has adopted digital tools and processes to the point where custom production and design is driven with the aid of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and a supply chain of the future.

Having already produced its proof of concept vehicle, HackRod is now looking to radically develop and roll out additive-based chassis manufacture. Its CEO, Mouse McCoy, is a design revolutionary and thinks everyday people will be able to create their own vehicles and not have to accept those produced by large corporations.

Boston is the heart of the 3D printing revolution and DEVELOP3D LIVE is the perfect opportunity to meet and listen to the latest innovations from all the major players in one go.

This year we have the likes of Carbon3D, Ultimaker, Markforged, Formlabs, Frustrum, Rize, 3D systems and Desktop Metal all presenting, all in one day.

More speakers will be announced over the coming weeks, so check back on the website.

From top left clockwise to bottom right: Chris Cheung, founder Mighty Dynamo – Tara Anderson, product manager & innovator 3D Systems – Greg Mark, CEO Markforged – Bradley Rothenberg, CEO & co-founder Ntopology – John Kawola, President Ultimaker – Jordan Nollman, CEO Sprout Studios

Top notch speakers

Our main stage will feature keynote user stories as well as industry updates from key software company executives.

Our goal is to provide you with inspiration, to enable learning from your peers about how they bring their own products to market as well as to arm you with a vision of the future.

Keynote speaker: Mouse McCoy, CEO & co-founder of Hackrod

Mike ‘Mouse’ McCoy is the CEO, co-founder and creative director of the digital industrial start-up company Hackrod (read DEVELOP3D’s July/August cover story).

Prior to founding Hackrod, he was a professional motorcycle racer and stuntman before setting up the award-winning entertainment studio Bandito Brothers.

Mouse McCoy

Together with fellow Hackrod co-founder, Felix Holst, and CTO, Dr Slade Gardner, they aim to redefine the way vehicles are designed, engineered and manufactured.

Having created the La Bandita speedster, Hackrod is laying claim to be the world’s first car designed in virtual reality, engineered by artificial intelligence, made with the full potential of advanced manufacturing and delivered by the supply chain of the future.

In his keynote talk, McCoy will reveal how Hackrod is drawing from the artistry and individuality of 20th century ‘Hotrodding’ and the rebellious, tech savvy innovation of ‘hacker’ culture to empower the everyman to create the vehicle of his dreams or needs.

Last year’s busy exhibition floor


With over 30 exhibits, there will be plenty of technology on demonstration, covering all aspects of design and fabrication. With so many industry experts coming to DEVELOP3D LIVE it will be a great space to find inspiration and source new solutions.

Ric Fulop, CEO and co-founder of Desktop Metal, will be giving a talk on ‘New advances in metal 3D printing — From prototyping to mass production

Additive & 3D printing

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing has become the hot subject in the last few years. With lower cost machines combined with more advanced techniques than ever before, now is a good time to see how it can fit into your workflow and how you might gain competitive advantage through adoption.

At the event, you can immerse yourself in all things 3D printing in the exhibition and demonstration areas as well as via a dedicated conference track.

A delegate at last year’s event gets an immersive VR experience with an HTC Vive

VR, AR & visualisation

With the rise of more affordable and capable head mounted displays, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are back with a bang.

Alongside advanced visualisation techniques, there has never been a better time to explore your design and engineering projects in an immersive and realistic way.

At the event, you’ll learn from leaders in the field, both from a technology perspective as well as those implementing it.

Purchase your tickets now

Tickets for DEVELOP3D LIVE USA 2017 cost $50 but we have an ‘early bird offer’ running until 25 September where significantly discounted tickets can be bought for just $30.

What to look forward to at this year’s event

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