DEVELOP3D LIVE 2022 preview

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As we gear up for DEVELOP3D LIVE in Sheffield on 1 November, Stephen Holmes celebrates the importance of gaining new perspectives from others

We never stop learning. Up to and including our last day on this floating rock we stand the chance of uncovering something completely unbeknown to us.

Designers and engineers are by their nature some of the most curious individuals, intent on learning about people, processes and problems that were not even in their purview moments earlier. While DEVELOP3D LIVE is an event where the latest technology affecting product development comes to the fore, I’ve often seen it more as a place for the curious to meet and engage.

If, for example, automotive designers spent their time surrounded by presentations solely about car design, then you would expect that a) those presentations would grow dull, and b) they would be missing out on so many exciting new developments and ideas in other sectors.

In the years we’ve been running the event I’ve learned from attendees – designers and engineers – how they have gone away with a key piece of knowledge they could adopt into their workflow from an industry very different to their own – whether from a presentation, or a chance meeting with another delegate.

Our conference program for 2022 stands to draw as diverse a crowd as always. Vital Auto will showcase an exciting blend of technologies as it explains its role in cutting edge automotive prototyping with a blend of physical and digital tools. Also on the Main Stage, Ocado Technology will lift the lid on the company’s 600 Series robot, built to enable the next generation of grocery fulfilment centres using a radical, additive-first approach to robotics hardware development.


And those are just the start. Elsewhere we have presentations from the established 3D design software vendors at the heart of all our workflows, each one giving an insight into the direction of their tools and the challenges of users that they’re working to overcome.

We have new perspectives on tackling challenges for start-ups, with an expert panel, plus some companies that will explain how they’ve managed to cultivate and scale their ideas.

With manufacturing technologies offering new and better ways to produce products than ever before, we’ve enlisted a panel of experts across hardware and software to give you the inside line on how processes and machinery will evolve, and how this technology can feed back into the earliest stages of the development process to give you the edge over competitors.

There’s also a track devoted to wide range of designers showcasing topics as diverse as how to best adopt more sustainable materials, through to the impact that AI will have on your design process.

Check out the highlights over the next few pages, with many more speakers at And let’s not forget the exhibition, showcasing a whole smorgasbord of technologies from CAD, generative design, topology optimisation, additive manufacturing, AI and 3D printing, to workstations, design viz, VR/AR, simulation, data management, 3D scanning, tolerance analysis and lots, lots more.

We hope to see you on 1 November in Sheffield. Never stop learning. To register FREE now, click here.

Combining additive manufacturing and agile methodologies for rapid robotics innovation
Matt Whelan, Ocado

Matt Whelan, Head of Engineering for Ocado Technology’s 600 Series bot, will be lifting the lid on the company’s radical additive-first approach to robotics hardware development.

This novel design process, which puts additive at the centre and draws inspiration from the world of agile software development, allowed the team to create the world’s lightest and most efficient grocery fulfilment bot.

D3D Live

D3D Live
Ocado’s 600 Series fulfillment robot is born from a ‘unique’ additive-first approach and the latest topology optimisation techniques

New tech showcase
AMD // Zea
Flow Engineering

AMD’s Rob Jamieson will present a new graphics driver for Radeon Pro GPUs that promises to boost 3D performance in Solidworks and other OpenGL CAD software .

Michael Smith & Philip Taylor, CEO & CTO of Zea will bust the top three myths holding back 3D technical product documentation.

Pari Singh of Flow Engineering will showcase a new collaboration tool for streamlining team engineering processes from requirements, to modelling, to verification.

Sustainable materials: A step in the right directiondevelop3D Live
Charlotte Jones, Callum

As the circular economy becomes central to future design, and sustainability at the core of future materials choices, Charlotte will discuss how design and engineering studio Callum is helping clients navigate this transition


What’s next for design software?

Featuring Altair, Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, nTopology, PTC, & Siemens.

Some of the leading figures from the biggest industry brands are taking to the main stage for back to back presentations that will give a glimpse into what is coming next. Focussing on industry trends, real life user cases, and the abilities of next generation hardware, attendees will attain an understanding of where some of their core workflow tools are heading.

Making his first appearance at DEVELOP3D LIVE is new Solidworks CEO Manish Kumar (pictured).

BAC Mono
Ian Briggs

The audience will need to buckle-up as founder and design director Ian Briggs will give attendees an insight into the design and engineering process of the British company’s latest road legal, track-honed car, the BAC Mono R.

This incredible machine fits a new mould of automotive market that is being crafted for those passionate about driving. The development process is just as fast-paced, bringing together generative design, customisation, additive manufacturing and more in order to create a pure driving experience.

The Mono R is the first production car that incorporates revolutionary material graphene in its panels, contributing to a kerbweight of just 555kg

Panel discussion

The post lockdown world is now full of hardware start-ups looking to break through with their products. At DEVELOP3D LIVE we have assembled an experienced panel that will look at the methods, programs, and technologies that enable product ideas to grow from an initial spark, into a fullblown go-to-market product.

The panel will consist of start-ups that have been there and done it already; experts from the fields of legal, financial guidance, crowd funding and accelerator programs, and much more. Bring your own questions and leave inspired!

How visions of future products come to life in automotive
Shay Moradi & Paul Heys
Vital Auto

At Vital Auto, Paul and Shay operate at the intersection between analogue and digital. Collectively they are responsible for creating new systems, new tools and producing innovative interfaces and creative strategies that impact consumer experience from end to end.

They will explore blending physical and digital prototyping to provide designers with opportunities to enhance their products.

From concept development to design realisation, Vital partners the world’s best-known vehicle manufacturers, automotive designers and engineers

Digital manufacturing
Panel discussion

Manufacturing and production methods have been thrown into the spotlight recently by pandemic and war. The most agile have jumped ahead from the competition, while others are still looking to make their manufacturing more flexible, reshore some elements, or drive for more sustainable practises.

We bring you a panel full of experience – from software to hardware – to help you make the next leap. Experts will lend opinions on optimising workflows for equipment you already own, to the very latest kit to accelerate your business.

develop3d Live

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