OnScale Cloud HPC available for CAE

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Fresh out of secretive development, the OnScale Solver-as-a-Service platform has emerged for general availability, posing a new option for those looking to use High Power Computing (HPC) to solve CAE dilemmas.

OnScale states its combination of ‘sophisticated CAE multiphysics solvers’ with the power of cloud HPC will remove performance and cost constraints of legacy CAE/HPC, reduce design cycles from months to weeks or even days, and deliver ‘unequaled solver performance that easily scales to meet ever-changing CAE workloads’.

Additionally, according to OnScale, engineers using OnScale Cloud no longer have to worry about buying expensive new CAE software licenses, paying for maintenance and support, procuring expensive HPC hardware, or waiting for IT to deploy and maintain CAE systems.
The company only charges engineers for actual solver time, measured in core-hours. For example, a solve that requires a 16-core HPC and 30 minutes to solve would consume eight core hours.

Engineers can use as many HPC instances as they like to solve massive optimisation studies in parallel.

OnScale Cloud is offered in three monthly subscriptions, all with a bundle of core-hours included, for discounted, on-demand pricing – beginning at Free, where the user receives 10 core-hours, per month without commitment, with additional on-demand core-hours can be purchased for $10 per core-hour.

A Professional OnScale Cloud subscription is $300 per month and includes 50 core-hours, which opens up simulation of more complicated designs and parametric design studies. Additional on demand core-hours can be purchased for $9 per core-hour at the Professional subscription level.


The Team OnScale Cloud subscription is $1,000 per month and includes 200 core-hours, enough for a small engineering team to optimise next-generation devices. Additional on-demand core-hours can be purchased for $7 per core-hour at the Team subscription level.

In addition to these subscription levels, OnScale also provides discounts for annual subscriptions and flexible subscription programs for small, medium, and large enterprises.

“OnScale was built for engineers, by engineers,” said OnScale CEO Ian Campbell. “We’ve experienced the restrictive nature of legacy CAE tools ourselves, so we designed OnScale tools to help engineers at Fortune 100 companies and startups alike remove cost and compute constraints.

“Our early beta customer success confirms the pent-up demand within the engineering community for a better way to design the future of 5G, IoT and IIoT, biomedical and driverless car products.”

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