Nokia want to get into your knickers

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It’s fashion week once more here in London, and the tech companies aren’t shy of hanging on its glamorous coattails as Nokia proved today with its sartorial effort.

The phone company had designers Fyodor Golan and London design house Kim create a skirt made from 80 Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1020 smartphones, before having a baseball-cap-clad model sashay it down the catwalk.

Images on the screens change as the skirt moves, achieved through a purpose built app using GPS, giving the skirt a ‘shimmer’ effect as the model moves.

Sketches for the concept were modelled in 3D CAD, before a 3D printer and laser cutter were used to construct the framework, and clips holding the phones in position.

From here, the only natural progression we can see are Nokia Knickers, Samsung Slacks, and Apple …um… Ankle boots(??).



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