CL3VER unveils real-time 3D cloud rendering technology based on Nvidia RTX

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CL3VER, the real time rendering specialist in which V-Ray developer Chaos Group has a €2 million stake, has announced a new cloud solution for visualising real-time, photorealistic 3D content directly in a web browser.

The cloud rendering technology, which is based on Nvidia RTX, promises immersive 3D navigation, fast loading times and instant changes. It can be used in many different industries; for product configurators, virtual tours of buildings or for training and educational applications.
This technology is based on CL3VER’s new 3D ray tracing engine that renders ‘any 3D scene, regardless of its complexity’, in the cloud, live-streaming the visualisation to the browser. Based on standard HTML5 technology results can be viewed on any recent device (desktop or mobile) without the need of a plug-in.

“Our new solution is going to make a big impact in the market and lead the next generation of 3D user experiences in the browser, helping companies to engage their customer in ways they couldn’t even imagine before”, said CL3VER’s CEO, Daniel Iborra. “Seamless 3D navigation in the browser has been in the radar of industrials, advertising agencies, video game companies and so on for many years and now CL3VER finally delivers it to the user.”

CL3VER is also working on integrating this new technology into CL3VER Presenter, its presentation authoring tool, which will allow 3ds Max and Revit users to create photorealistic real-time 3D presentations from their 3D scenes and share them, in a few clicks, without rendering times or any additional production time. This is in part thanks to its compatibility with V-Ray content, where scenes can be imported, complete with materials, lights and cameras.

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