Blueprinter launches its latest variant for compact SLS 3D printing

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The latest M3 SLS 3D printer from Blueprinter is aimed at the office environment

Danish 3D printing pioneer Blueprinter has launched its M3 3D printing platform, with a more refined design and an increased build volume, while promising to make no more noise than your standard 2D printer.

Building on the existing M-series of Selective Heat Sintering printers (SLS, but with a thermal printhead rather than a laser – making it more compact and with lower power requirements), Blueprinter has set about redesigning the technology for daily use in an office environment, stating that the new features “makes the 3D printer fit in the office almost like a regular desktop-printer”.

As well as a sleeker surface and display, the user experience has been optimised and improved as a whole, with new mechanisms for powder shovels and new powder drawers.
“The M3 makes sure that every single component works seamlessly, improving the entire user experience,” explains a Blueprinter spokesperson. “The noise of the M3 has also been reduced by 60 per cent and it uses less power.”

The M3 has an increased build volume of 200 x 157 x 150mm, which means it’s able to create multiple parts in one printing session.

With a cleaning station and 12kgs of M-Flex powder included, the M3 is expected to retail for €25,450, putting it in the sub-£20k bracket.


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