Autodesk announces Ignite Platform for ‘Young Learners’

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Project Ignite hopes to inspire and educate young learners in all the latest creative technologies

Autodesk has launched Project Ignite, a free learning platform available in English for educators and students in the US and abroad, to build the skill and confidence of young learners.

Targeting K-12 schools, Project Ignite encompasses the end-to-end design experience, from idea to digital modelling to physical fabrication, utilising creative, hands-on design experiences focused on the latest technology trends like 3D printing and electronics.

The project brings together Autodesk’s Project Ignite, Tinkercad and 123D Circuits websites, along with support from companies including Microsoft, MakerBot, and Electroninks Writeables, and additionally offers classroom bundles, which include hardware such as 3D printers and electronics kits along with professional development and training services, to help educators get up and running quickly.

Project Ignite brings together a lot of varying technologies and projects


At the release Autodesk noted that as well as having the student at heart, Project Ignite has benefits for those supervising the activities:

For educators – ‘Project Ignite brings together free Autodesk design software, including Tinkercad and 123D Circuits, and offers step-by-step lessons within these apps to encourage design thinking and hands-on problem solving skills. It also provides for-purchase hardware options such as 3D printers from MakerBot and Circuit Scribe pens and modules from Electroninks Writeables. Educators can also login for free to access Project Ignite content whether or not they wish to purchase hardware.’

For schools – ‘Administrators may choose from various package solutions comprised of free software and for-purchase hardware options, educator training and support, all from a single place to introduce the Maker Movement into the classroom.’

For educational partners – ‘Project Ignite is open to educators, publishers, education technology and hardware providers looking for unique opportunities to help drive the next education revolution that will inspire students to further their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education and provide educators access to emerging technology trends quickly.’

For families or parents – ‘Project Ignite is a great way to learn technology basics together in a moderated environment that extends to engaging and fun weekend projects.’

To learn more about the Project Ignite learning platform, click here.

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