Altair HyperWorks gets a composites simulation boost with acquisition of Componeering

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Componeering’s ESAComp solves challenging post-buckling of thin airframe structures

Altair has acquired Componeering, a Finnish technology company specialising in structural analysis and design of composite structures

Originating through a European Space Agency (ESA) project, today Componeering’s composites simulation software ESAComp is used in a number of industries for the design and analysis of composites, ranging from the conceptual and preliminary design of layered composite structures to advanced analyses for final design verification.

The initial collaboration between Altair and Componeering was prompted by a mutual client, RUAG Space, a Swiss manufacturer of products for the space industry.
Franck Mouriaux, general manager of structures at RUAG Space, and his colleagues approached Altair to see if it was possible to transfer data between HyperWorks and ESAComp, which are both an essential part of RUAG’s composite analysis process.

“This achievement is another successful outcome of the close collaboration between Altair and RUAG Space. We appreciate the pro-active support and Altair’s solution oriented approach. This partnership is essential for us in order to address the challenges of the new commercial space industry and remain competitive,” said Mouriaux, who was one of the speakers at DEVELOP3D LIVE earlier this year.

“Altair’s customers across all industries will benefit from the knowledge of composite design embedded in the product and tight integration with OptiStruct and Multiscale Designer,” said Dr. Uwe Schramm, Altair’s CTO of Solvers and Optimisation.


“This integration with HyperWorks will bring more streamlined processes and time savings by having everything in one workflow,” he added.

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