This bullet-proof safe for wristwatches is over-design nirvana

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Ballistic steel outer to keep your precious things safe inside

I’m sure we all woke up this morning with the same problem: our million dollar watch collection being targeted by .50cal gun fire. Annoying isn’t it?

However, there is a solution, the Chronos from Brown Safe, wrapped in ballistic steel that will repel those pesky large calibre gunshots, keeping your timepiece collection safe.

It’s security to the highest degree, although you can’t help but feel the need for that kind of protection is reserved to places you probably shouldn’t be storing your expensive keepsakes in the first place.

If you’re in any doubt, a .50 cal round will go through two standard safes, and then a bunch of cinder blocks used to build houses. It leaves merely a dent and a smudge on the door of the Chronos.

The Chronos is the modern day product of Brown Safe’s 35 years of experience developing high security safes for military use in high risk locations – rumoured contents included nuclear warheads.


As well as ballistic armor plating, it is equipped with four way solid titanium locking bolts, tungsten carbide hard plate, locking bolt anti-drive, active and passive relocking, interlocking anti-pry door, hi-density amalgamate cladding, reinforced anchor bolts, alarm system integration, a GPS alert and tracking system, and a lovely plush interior.

The design itself leans heavily on older designs, while today’s more modern safes are merely more muscular filing cabinets with locks. The materials are all machined in-house, apart from the ballistic steel which requires specialist laser cutting off site.

Over-design? Definitely. But given the clientele that prize their watch collection above all else, and the targeted threats against such collectors, there’s bound to be a buyer.

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