Five things to see at 3D Printshow London

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Featuring some of the most interesting 3D printing users, the 3D Printshow returns to London

If there’s one thing that can shake off the ‘first of the month blues’ its that there’s the zippity return of the 3D Printshow to London’s fair streets, taking over Old Billingsgate from 4 – 6 September.

Yes, it’s a consumer-packed desktop-FDM-printer-athon. Yes, it will be full of wide-eyed, awestruck newbies and school trips. Yes, you probably won’t find anything new for the professional market. But, and it’s a big but, it will showcase a lot of varied and exciting works – usually in the art and fashion spheres – that might inspire some exciting new ideas of how to use the technology.

We’ll be there exactly for this reason, so here’s five things we recommend you check out during your visit:

#1: Software breeds hardware

Autodesk are on hand at the 3D Printshow with more news on its new desktop SLA printer – something we’re rather excited about – which should see and interesting bridging between its software for 3D content creating and physical 3D printing.

#2: Fancy fashions

Francis Bitonti is a fashion designer with penchant for 3D printing. Once you’ve waded through the vague language, air-kissing, and general luvvie-ness of this industry, fashion is really pushing how current 3D printing technologies are being used, with Bitonti one of the most open and knowledgeable about how it all comes together.


#3: Global love-in

3D Hubs started life as an online means to hook up with a nearby 3D printer that wasn’t being used by its owner and have your stuff printed. Since then, it’s international network now provides some of the most accurate feedback on what machines are being bought, which ones people are wanting to use, the materials that are in demand, and a bounty other information. Filemon Schoffer will talk about what people around the world are making – and what they want to make.

#4: Adobe’s arrival

Since Photoshop got it’s mucky kits into 3D printing we’ve been interested to see how far Adobe are willing to push into the 3D printing industry. With its presence at the 3D Printshow boosted by VP of digital imaging Winston Hendrickson, and Pete Falco, its lead engineer for the 3D functionality in Photoshop, we’ll be interested to see just what it can offer to the product design professionals out there.

#5: JLo’s monsters, machines and movies

Jason Lopes is not only a top man with a great anecdote, but he’s one of a select few at the heart of Hollywood’s love affair with 3D printing. Check out how Legacy Effects are using the technology to create blockbusters.

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