Engineering Workshop # 10

Posted by - March 1, 2011
Having shown some typical Finite Element results last time, Bob Johnson now moves on to explain the basic principles that…

Engineering Workshop #11

Posted by - March 21, 2011
Bob Johnson continues with the Finite Element Analysis of a polyethylene switch housing using a long-hand matrix approach

Engineering Workshop #12

Posted by - April 19, 2011
Bob Johnson concludes the Finite Element Analysis of a polyethylene switch housing and confirms the hand calculations with a 2D…

Engineering Workshop #13

Posted by - May 23, 2011
As the series of Engineering Workshop articles draws to a close, Bob Johnson addresses the all-important area of realistic constraint

Engineering Workshop #14

Posted by - September 20, 2011
In the final three installments of the Engineering Workshop articles, Bob Johnson concentrates on the “art” of applying realistic constraints

Engineering Workshop #15

Posted by - October 19, 2011
Following on from last month's article, here Bob Johnson completes the FEA of a simple linkage under balanced loading and…

Engineering Workshop #16

Posted by - February 2, 2012
In the last article in his Engineering Workshop series, Bob Johnson returns to the Finite Element Analysis of a simple…

Partner power

Posted by - May 19, 2014
Tanya Weaver heads to Biggleswade in Bedfordshire to visit industrial design consultancy Product Partners and discovers how a small team…