D3D 30 2021

D3D 30 2021 Launches with list of amazing new technologies

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We’ve spent the last while curating The D3D 30 2021 – a wide-ranging round-up of 2021’s most exciting technologies for product design and development.

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Each entry has its own individual strengths, but all aim to speed up processes and add new value to your workflows

Despite the uncertainty that many businesses worldwide faced in 2020, innovation never slowed – in fact, quite the opposite: new tools and software, and paths around new problems, were all found.

To help you keep on top of all the progress being made, we’ve produced the D3D 30 2021 list of the 30 latest pieces of technology that we believe will change the way that companies design, develop and manufacture products.

Picked entirely on merit, we’re excited to showcase this illustrious group. It includes software that takes us in new directions; start-ups producing impressive new AR headsets; 3D printing stalwarts embracing new materials – all with the aim of helping users to create the products and systems of the future.

Last year’s list highlighted several new technologies, which we watched grow in terms of capability and adoption. This year, many of you tell us you now use these technologies daily.

With any luck, you’ll stumble across more this year – and hopefully you’ll have the chance to get hands-on with many of these in the months to come, including at DEVELOP3D LIVE, which returns to the UK in April 2022.


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