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STILFOLD at D3D LIVE this week

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In preparation for STILFOLD Jonas Nyvang taking to the stage as our first Keynote Speaker at DEVELOP3D LIVE this week on 20 September, we’re looking at the STILRIDE1 – its EV scooter, with dropdead good looks that are also environmentally conscious.

STILFOLD is a Swedish start-up that has developed a novel technology that can create complex 3D shapes from a single sheet of metal, without any cutting, welding or joining. The technology uses a robotic arm and artificial intelligence to fold the metal sheet along curved lines, creating smooth and precise folds without cracking or tearing the material.

The technology is based on the ancient art of origami, which can create beautiful and intricate shapes from simple and flat materials, and can be applied to various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, construction, energy, furniture, art and more.

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