DEVELOP3D Gifts For Designers

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To give or receive, gifts are a wonderful thing – especially for the designer in your life – so here’s our annual gift guide for the product designers, engineers or even just the creative-minded folks out there.

From tools of the trade, supplies to get them through a tough job, or just something to appeal to their tastes, there’s not a person out there in a design studio/workshop/shed there that won’t appreciate at least something on this list.

Read the full gift guide for designers below:

Dream Desktop

Riggad desk lamp with wireless charging
IKEA £49
Good lighting is key to spotting the details and stopping eye fatigue – this desk lamp goes one better, charging their devices wirelessly


Wacom Slate
Brings sketches on paper straight into the digital realm, this innovative timesaver can go anywhere with them, linking with iOS and Android devices

Duo-Link 3.0
PNY £49.99 (32Gb)
With more of us working between Apple and PC devices, this USB-to-Lightning cable has inbuilt storage, enabling you to free up space on your iPhone and iPad, sync and share content between devices, back-up contacts, download and store videos, photos and more

CADMouse Wireless
3D Connexion, from £113
Our review put it ahead of the competition, make their life easier with this device (and it’s magical centre button) designed specifically for 3D design tools

Everyone Has Their Vices

Honest Brew Stocking Filler
Honest Brew, £18
Whether celebrating the beginnings of a new project, a deadline successfully met, or an end to a gruelling week, a few beers will never go wrong

Redchurch Blend coffee beans
Allpress, £32 per kg
The year’s coffee of choice at DEVELOP3D towers, it goes down well in any variation of the drink – from ‘a bucketload of black’, to a fancy flat white

Dead Man’s Fingers Cornish spiced rum
The Rum & Crab Shack, £23.45
Only dead pirates don’t drink rum. This is the stuff to get anyone through the battalions of Christmas parties and family get togethers that are lining up

Softbrew Jakob
Sowden, £68.50
You mean they don’t have a teapot? Time to stop drinking the stuff one chipped Sports Direct mug at a time and give this lifesaving elixir the respect it deserves

Long Hours Luxury

R1 DAB radio
Ruark Audio, £219.99
Desk space is normally tight, so this box of tricks from Ruark is a godsend – a bit pricey, but having seen the design and manufacturing details behind it earlier this year, it’s a solid piece of kit that should endure daily use for years

4k BDM4350UC 43″ monitor
Philips, £578
A giant 4K monitor should be the focal point of any desk space – with this effort from Philips capable of attracting enviable attention from colleagues even when it’s turned off

Vive VR kit
HTC, £599
Still not invested in VR? Now’s the time to get the office started, with HTC’s package a great place to start

2-in-1 Grill and Sandwich Maker
Cuisinart, £89.99
You might scoff at this being classed as a luxury office item, but trust us – while typically skint, staff would be munching cold turkey sandwiches into early January, with this they’ll be grilling up a storm of melted cheese

Workshop Wonders

Tile Mate finder
Tile, £16.95
They’ll never lose the office keys, or anything else for that matter, that this little fella is attached to

Goliath CNC router
Springa, $2,890
A Kickstarter project that raised over £1M, get them signed up for one of these flexible workshop tools for when it is fully released next year

Jetson developer kit
NVIDIA, $199
Featuring the Jetson TX1 Module with an Nvidia Maxwell GPU powered by 256 Nvidia CUDA cores, it comes installed on a developer board with USB, Wi-Fi/Ethernet, SD, PCI-E, and HDMI connectivity, so they can get up and developing right away

37-in-1 Sensor Pack
Elegoo, £17.99
Take their Arduino electronics abilities a step further in 2018 with this bucketful of sensors

First Class Travel

Tech Portfolio
Shinola, £385
Bulky bags are to be thrown in the hold or overhead, while they can keep what’s necessary on their person in this luxury leather case

MK1 wristwatch
Timex, £69.99
A classic military watch with dependable timekeeping, understated enough to work in the boardroom, solid enough to be out in the wilderness

Pen F digital camera
Olympus, £1,149
Classic looks and incredible photos makes the user look like they know what they’re doing, even if they’re fat fingered

Custom fit headphone tips
Snugs, from £169.95
Custom fitted in-ear monitors, like rockstars have on stage – blocks out the noise you don’t want, keeps in the good stuff

Reading Matters

Industry X.0
Keep informed as the industry delves further into the world of Industry 4.0

How To Build A Car
One of the greatest automotive designers ever, this will entertain any engineer or F1 addict in your midst

The Materials Sourcebook for Design Professionals
As we found out, this is a one-stop resource for all levels of designer, giving information about the basic materials with which they work on a daily basis, as well as a complete breakdown on new and exciting developments in high-tech materials
Free trial
With video tutorials and a wealth of information, a free trial of Lynda is an Aladdin’s Cave of knowledge. Once they’re hooked, get them a subscription

Just Get Out

Design Museum membership
Kensington, London, £75
One of the world’s finest museums devoted towards design of all ilks, 2018 is set to have some amazing exhibitions – while the Ferrari: Under The Skin exhibit rolls on until April

Hands-on courses
Circular Product Design at Makerversity, £245
Get them back into learning – whatever their level – with a hands-on course like this one at Makerversity, taking place across four Saturdays in February

Show off your skills
Makerfaire UK, price to be announced
Get tickets to attend this excellent event in Newcastle, or simply sign-up to show off – brilliant for bridging the divide between young and old with design, engineering and fun at the heart of it

Learn from the pros
Sign them up for this incredible single-day event on 20 March 2018, and feel their warmth and gratitude for the next year at least – best part: it’s free!

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