DEVELOP3D Gifts For Designers Guide 2016

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The best gifts for designers – however extravagant your budget

What to buy for the designer in your life? It might be your partner, your work colleague, your offspring or just a mate – but never underestimate how far a solder sucker, pack of beers, or hardback book will go towards making you the best present giver this year.

Whatever your budget (from a £2.80 bottle of beer, to a luxury new desktop monitor a few quid shy of a grand) there’s something in here for everyone.

Give a gift that’s worth having this year – you never know, it might inspire something brilliant.

Dream Desktop


The Accurate Clock

Mr Jones Watches
Tells it like it is – don’t waste all day sat at a desk.

Kvissle organiser

This low-cost Scandi design adds some simple lines to a newly decluttered desk.

Trace desk lamp

A simple, elegant, functional desk lamp, and has a USB socket to charge a phone from.

Brass numbered paper clips

Midori at SCP
Suddenly paperwork is more organised AND better looking thanks to these traditional Japanese paperclips.

Everybody has their vices

Chosen by DEVELOP3D digital media editor Stephen Holmes

Cult Of Doom – Rwanda

Dark Arts Coffee
‘Coffee goes a long way to making me a vaguely tolerable creature in the morning. This stuff has enough pep, while tasting rather wonderful, and allows you to mutter the words ‘Cult Of Doom’ legitimately in customer meetings.’


Crate Brewery
‘Fun fact: The famous Rivoli bar in London’s Ritz hotel serves only three beers, one of which is Crate Brewery’s Stout. You can’t buy that online (happily for me, its brewery bar is my local watering hole), but this IPA is a close second.’

V.J.O.P Gin

‘Christmas is a time to spend with those you might not have seen all year. There’s a reason why you haven’t seen them for over 300 days. Gin helps get you through.’

Mulled Suffolk Cyder

‘Mulled wine is like the aftertaste of licking a 9-volt battery. Avoid it and drink mulled cider instead. A roaring fireplace is optional but much recommended. Cheers!’

Long Hours Luxury


A user can bark demands without having to leave what they’re doing.

UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 4K Monitor

A top end price tag for a top end display – on screen designs have never looked as good.

mu-so Digital Wireless Music System

Bin that tinny old radio and fill the entire office with the incredible sounds of Naim’s wireless system. It’s brilliantly solid British design will stand out even when it’s quiet.

Caffeo Barista TS

Having realised how much we spend picking up a brew on the way to the office each day, suddenly this bean-to-cup wizard is worth every penny.

Workshop Wonders

Chosen by DEVELOP3D editor in chief Al Dean

Solder Sucker

‘Tidy up your electronics work with this piece of cult Japanese design.’

Japanese Kataba Saw

‘Get precise woodwork joints with this intriguing looking specialist saw.’

FLIR ONE thermal camera attachment

‘Check out your designs for heat build-up, or just find out where that draught in the office is coming from.’

Leather Workshop Apron

‘This workshop apron will last a lifetime – showcasing every near miss your fleshy human form underneath nearly took when you dropped a chisel, splashed nasty chemicals everywhere, or just spilled your coffee.’

First Class Travel

Wet Suit Carrier Bag

Unreasonable Women
There are two cures for jet lag: drinking until you pass out, or an early morning swim. Seals away soggy swimming stuff without leaving a suitcase case smelling of chlorine.

Q35 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Crying children, boasting bankers, the sheer noise of an aircraft in flight – these hide all of them with the best noise cancelling technology out there.

Atom Cabin Suitcase

Takes a brutal battering and still rolls out of the airport looking fresh – some smart British design means this tough as boots case also has some well thought out features for packing away kit.

Osmo Mobile

Upgrade a smartphone camera with this stabilising gimbal for photography, or for shooting professional-looking smooth video for their next Kickstarter video.

Reading Matters

Chosen by Deyan Sudic, director Design Museum

Designer Maker User

‘As well as showcasing the individual roles within the industry, this book demonstrates where the three roles merge, giving readers fresh insight into the sometimes complex, but always fascinating, world of design published in association with the Design museum by Phaidon.’

Shiro Kuramata

‘The first complete monograph on influential Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata (1934–91), presented across two volumes in a specially designed acrylic slipcase.’

My Life in Design, Sir Terence Conran

‘The book covers a diverse, remarkable career including the founding of Habitat, The Design Museum and his own extensive work in product design, furniture, catalogues and books.’

Design Museum Membership

‘Or, treat them to a Design Museum membership and they will be amongst the first to experience the brand new museum in Kensington. There is no better time for them to become a Member.’

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