D3D Poll: Results

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If you’re practicing your balloon animals you’ve probably already given up on your design career…

The week is over and hopefully the majority of you managed to stay employed for long enough to consider what you’ll be doing in the future months.

By the look of things you’re all rather happy about where you are right now – either that or just plain grateful to have a job in the industry at all.

That’s not to say that you’re not having a poke around: If the right offer were to come along a quarter of you would jump ship, while nearly as many are sneaking around textbooks and courses to upskill their qualifications with a hope to finding a new position.

A worrying figure is that 14 per cent still have no trust in the jobs market as it currently stands – and even worse is that only three per cent of you are getting out of the game by retiring. SAGA and the golf clubs of the world will be feeling the pinch in 2011.

If you’re looking for some inspiration (unfortunately not in balloon modeling) then take a look here at DEVELOP3D Jobs, which has a wide array of vacancies at all levels right across the UK.